i have waited with a glacier's patience


Some of my fall 2011 faves thus far.. Jenni Kayne, Acne, Band of Outsiders, Malandrino, Prabal Gurung, Mulberry and Kelly Wearstler


They both end in trouble and start with a grin

The Head and the Heart

{I'm always a sucker for beautiful harmonies}


these cold and damp white mornings, I have grown weary.

In need of more succulents. If you know me, you know this is a constant endeavor. I so miss how they could be found at any old nursery in CA, now they are more of a hunt, which is kind of fun I will admit. But how I miss them abundantly filled in pots, like these beauties from Maude Woods.


unique in each way you can see

 I have long admired Sara VanDerBeek's work, but had the opportunity to hear her speak last week at school, and her works took on an entirely new resonance. I love how the structures are constructed just to be photographed, then are dismantled and recycled into new works, and in that respect function in the same way as memories. They occur, and all that is left in perpetuity is their image in our mind, which is equally ephemeral, then we create new memories out of the existing ones. Beautiful.


Love is touching soles, surely you touched mine.

Some of my Valentine's Day spoils...

{Love.}    {And love to you all..}


the only lover worth it all, your love is forever

Some of the most beautiful displays of love in honor of the upcoming holiday.. Whether or not you have a Valentine this year, you can't but help fall for these..
GANT by Michael Bastian - A Love Story - Feat. Spring 2011
Adam & Eve Wedding Video
Coco Rocha + James Conran {p.s. this is just the teaser - if you really want to die watch the 20 minute short film here}
And Devendra & Rebecca.. Perfect California couple..

It's a time we're meant to be free

Braids - Plath Heart


And I knew that some how I could find my way back

It is incredible to me the power of scent. Just one whiff and you can be instantly transported to some far away place. I picked up a Jasmine plant the other day, and as the first few buds have begun to open, I am instantaneously back in California. Saving my sanity in this cold, wet winter... I can't recommend enough for any of you California expatriates out there...


White lightning makes a silhouette

Nightlands - Suzerain (Letter to the judge)
Have listened to this track an unhealthy amount of times, its just so beautiful. They have been playing a bunch of shows lately in NYC, will be seeing them on March 12 at Glasslands if anyone would like to join!