A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes

  Not many things I love more than a night spent getting lost in the loveliest of blogs {and a full glass of red wine} which is exactly how I'm spending my evening. Cramming in just an hour or two for myself, before the madness that is the coming weeks, including work, finals, essays and Miami..

Some of my current faves-
Belle Fleur de Lis - so, so sweet.. beautiful red hair, indoor gardens, tea and knitting? yes please...
hearblack - the most beautiful couple, so very in love..
ohh and these land before time-esque photos are leaving me dreaming of palm springs..

Thanks to Belle Fleur de Lis for sharing this incredible acoustic set from Florence & The Machine.. wonderful for a cozy night in..

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend...


But the air is getting colder, the summers getting older..

Dirty Gold- California Sunrise
There are few things better than a California Sunrise.. Thanks to Dirty Gold for memorializing it. Just when I was about to turn on the holiday tunes, a warm, sunny cali tune...
And thanks to 2 or 3 things.. for sharing. These guys are great.


Then my heart finds a dream in me

On this holiday, I think of all the things, new and old, that I have to be so very thankful for..
 This amazing city I am lucky to call home.
 Art. {Rauschenberg in particular}
 Waking up to this every morning.
My lovely friends near..
 And far..

And this crazy bunch of people whom I call my family. 

And of course this little beast, who has brought me so much happiness, even when so far away..
Home, forever and always...
And this man. Who came into my life with a vengeance. Uprooted everything I was so sure of, and taught me so much I wasn't even aware that I didn't know... 
Happy thanksgiving to all those who have 
come into my life. 
I hope you all know how thankful I am for each and everyone of you.


I'll find somewhere, where they don't care

Been having a wonderful couple of weeks, but as much as I'm growing accustomed to this city, will never not miss the wild western landscapes...

ps. I recommend J. Tillman's rendition of Neil Young's Tonights The Night for some pared down, soulful, cold weather loving. Aquarium Drunkard has it in its entirety for download.



I see you bloom in this sun that we have shaped

I have always had an appreciation for beautifully constructed spaces, but lately I have had a greater awareness of architecture and its intangible relationship with our lives. I think it may very well have to do with living in New York City, the architecture {obviously} envelops you, becoming your landscape; Something that is so drastically different from growing up in one of the most naturally inspiring environments, California.
   I stumbled across this amazing documentary on Julius Shulman. It is not only a touching portrait of a man that shaped the way we view architecture, but the story of Southern California's own architectural heritage. I have always dreamed of owning a mid-century home in LA or Palm Springs, and now realize this dream was partly constructed out of Shulman's photographs.
   I had the luxury of being able to work closely this past spring in some of Schindler's homes, and can't even begin to illustrate their beauty. For that I'll leave it to Mr. Shulman, who does an incredible job in this film. A must see...

Shes got gold doorknobs where her eyes used to be

Ahh 2 weeks without a blog post! Have been very busy with school, but also constantly being visually stimulated- to the point where its simply too overwhelming to try and consolidate into a blog post.
{I guess thats a little bit what living in New York City is like in a nutshell}

One of my favorite things I have done/seen/experienced as of late was MOVE! last weekend at PS1. It was a fabulous weekend where artists and fashion designers took over the museum, which resulted in full scale spectacle. There was more life and energy than I have seen in a museum in a very long time. It was absolutely incredible.
 Me "walking the runway" in Rob Pruitt/Marc Jacobs piece
Dan Colen/ Proenza Schouler piece {They hid 4 PS dresses in hidden spots such as trash cans around the city and screened on hidden cameras which ran all weekend at PS1}

Looooved this Rashaad Newsome symphony...

OLAF BREUNING & CYNTHIA ROWLEY - MOVE! At MoMA PS1 from V Magazine on Vimeo.


BRODY CONDON & RODARTE - MOVE! At MoMA PS1 from V Magazine on Vimeo.