These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray..

After a tumultuous weekend of highs and lows {wonderful, long dinner and lunch with Chris's father and his fabulous girlfriend Lou, beautiful sunshine, lots of wine, art openings and then a horrible case of food poisoning for both Chris's father and myself} and an even busier week before that {Al Jarreau at the Walt Disney Hall, 2 Getty openings, an epic LAND party at the Leland-Fitzpatrick House} I am finally bearing down and getting ready for a busy week in NYC. There is so much to do and see to jam into Monday-Friday, plus it looks as it will rain and then be sunny so that means double the wardrobe! Since I have some big grad school related interviews and it was supposed to rain those days, I went out and bought my first-ever, real adult trench coat. Luckily {ironically} for me its 80 degrees in LA so there were great sales to be had, and I snagged this one at Banana Republic. My grandmother convinced me to get a nice black, good quality one as I intend to live in the city, it will be an investment I won't regret. So here I am, 12 hours from departure, and all I've got ready to go is my black trench coat, black rain boots and black chanel flats. How much more do you need for the east coast?

In all honesty I can't wait to get back to NY, and for the first time do some serious investigating as to where I see myself living. Any recommendations? And of course there are SOOO many museums and galleries to check out! Again I would love any and all recommendations, any favorite restaurants and other general secret spots? And of course I am sooo beyond excited to see some of my favorite people in the world, three in very particular that I am thinking of who have graciously opened their home to me. Can't wait for all of it. See you on the east coast..


to seem like i care about material things

Just heard about this pretty incredible website- kickstarter.com. It's a way to connect artists, designers, musicians and organizations to people that believe in them and would like to support them, for as little as $1. You can read all about what they're trying to do, choose if you want to support it, then donate as little or as much as you need. The catch is that they need to raise all of the funds necessary or no money changes hands, so its also nice to find a cause you believe in and shout it out loud to make it happen. There are also rewards, so not to worry, those of you that don't want to give just for the sake of giving can get a little something to. I recommend checking it out and finding a couple of things you feel strongly about, and going for it. It's a win-win. One of my favorites is below.


I'll follow your lead

New Lykke Li video for "Possibility" off of the New Moon soundtrack. A really beautiful track.


I saw you lingerin' still

Go here to check out She and Him's Volume 2. It's some great listening for these warm days..

Let's not try and figure out everything at once..

Currently savoring this insane, midsummer weather in winter (technically). The days just seem to drag on in a dream like state, though beyond lovely, it makes it a little hard to concentrate. But alas life calls. Such a busy couple of weeks, and to top off an insane month just booked my ticket to NY for March 29th. I have a feeling this new frenetic pace is simply life. Learning to love it. Although I wouldn't mind escaping to these serene, beautiful interiors thanks to my little getaway on a daily basis, {this is glamorous}


I woke up in a world that was suddenly heart shaped.

I fell in love with the room above, which a found on a, well, beautiful blog entitled beautiful things to share, of course! I add a Cy Twombly painting and some white to make it all my own-

I could eat it up. Seriously, so in love. Just pick it up and transfer it to my place, k? Here are some other beyond dreamy interiors from Jeffers Design Group. You are warned- these are incredibly swoon inducing.

Is it a coincidence that I love them so much and they contain an abundance of my favorite hues? Of course not.


You were like the sun, a hazy day..

The beginning. My newly planted herb and
vegetable garden.

Another beautiful, languid Sunday. I woke up way too early (even with Spring forward) but was delighted by the brightest blue, not a cloud in the sky morning so I put on some suntan lotion for the first time this season and laid out, with a good book and some tunes in my backyard. There are few better things in life than some quality sun and a lack of distractions. After a couple of hours spent this way, we went over to Hollywood to go to the Farmer's Market and the Hungry Cat for brunch. Though Chris didn't get the french toast he had craved, we gorged on fish and chips (him) and the light yet deeelish fresh market lettuce salad (me). My salad was quite simple but utterly incredible- avocado, shaved parmesan, crumbled hard boiled egg and some red onion. Unfortunately we lingered too long and missed the market, so we popped in to Mordigan's Nursery on 3rd and Fairfax, where I picked up some tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, basil and parsley. Mind you this is my 4th attempt at having an herb/vegetable garden. I was successful once in Santa Barbara, so I'm hoping luck is on my side this time. Looking forward to many spring/summer meals with home grown goods.. I'll keep you updated with its progress.

PS who else is absolutely loving this late afternoon sunshine? I love napping in my bed around this time with the warm sun streaming through the window..

our hearts are strong and our hearts are kind

Had a wonderful time Friday, gathered up some of Chris' best friends and we celebrated his birthday in a lovely fashion. Good food, good drinks, great people. Ever since I've been existing on all of the left over cheese, cake and wine. Not the healthiest weekend, but definitely living at its best.


what I most want is bad for me i know.

I love few things more than new music, so I always know its going to be good when I hear from my dear friend Al Verik. This morning he introduced me to Cults. These tracks are really incredible. Check them out. Now.


good morning. 3/8/10

Not a bad way to start the day.. Love waking up to a little bundle at my feet, big white bed, and the sun streaming in..

I just want, four walls and adobe slats..

Last week after thanking god for KCRW, I discovered the Concretes, how have they flown under my radar for so many years?? Which lead to me discovering Taken by Trees, which is the solo project of Victoria Bergsman. She played a show last week with El Perro Del Mar, another long time favorite Swede. I missed the show but while listening to their live set on KCRW the next day, I called in and won signed autograph's of both of their CD's, which then arrived the very next day! So both have been playing on repeat {though only when I'm home, which is rare, because I don't want to overplay them!} So here is one of the standout tracks, Taken by Trees cover of Animal Collectives My Girls, appropriated as My Boys. Completely different vibe from AC's version, but I love it and especially love the video. It makes me want it to be the middle of summer and out walking through the back country of Santa Barbara...


I'm not afraid of all the reasons why we shouldn't try

Finally getting a moment to post pictures from Tuesday night's Manifest Equality opening. It was a wonderful evening, the room was absolutely brimming with positivity and optimism. Love seeing the collaboration between artists, activists and musicians. Check them out, and do whatever you can to help spread their message.

{ended the night with a couple cocktails at the hungry cat, how beautiful is that dish?! It was their black cod special and it was out of this world...}


Anyway you run, you run before us.

Has been such a busy week! In fact this morning is my first morning off in over 2 weeks, and it only happened by chance. So with the day off, I'm going to head up to Santa Barbara to get a looong needed hair cut, and see some much missed friends and family. Although I haven't quite been able to breathe, the past few weeks have been incredible. Some hard work to be sure, but the rewards are plenty. So many good meals (cube, the tar pit, the hungry cat, father's office, tavern, sushi masu, bld to name but a few!) incredible music and lots of wonderful art (Jose Leon Cerrillo and Sara Lunden performance at the Leland-Fitzpatrick house, Culver City openings, Manifest Equality opening). But right now I want nothing more than to be home in my parent's backyard with their dogs running around me. So I'm off, for a day of recuperation, so I can get right back into the swing of things tomorrow. {Can not wait for the bird and the bees and juliette commagere at the el rey tomorrow}. LA I love you- but I need a break if just for a couple hours.


remember when.

I love this song. I've pretty much been listening to Castledoor non stop since seeing them last week, so I really hope the whole them breaking up bit was a farce. I love songs like this that memorialize small moments in life. Because its those moments that we take for granted, but that make life so wonderful.

It's a vision, complete illusion..

Checked out the opening of Kimberly Brooks- The Stylist Project last Saturday night at one of my favorite galleries in LA, Taylor de Cordoba. The opening was such a scene, with far too many people packed in the small gallery space and more than one reality fashion show alum. I'm sure there were many more fashion people, but to be honest you couldn't see much of anything that night, so I look forward to going back and checking out the show more in depth. I'd seen Kimberly's paintings in print a couple of years ago, and loved the images of what I've gathered are pictures of her mother and her friends from the seventies. But then in the last show at Taylor de Cordoba I fell in love with the top image below, which made perfect sense when I later learned it was titled Rachel Zoe. {Of course} I absolutely love her use colors as well as the impressionistic qualities. I just feel like she has a dead on way of capturing someone's mood. Stunning.

Rachel Zoe

Rose Apodaca

Elizabeth Stewart

And then I was savoring the new C magazine, and what do I see but a lovely spread on Mrs. Brooks. I love seeing studio shots. And I love that 2 of my favorites of the body of works were shown.

There are few things I love more than inspiration walls..